Monday, May 2, 2011

Glamour Doll Eyes

 So I recently found a new shop that sells colorful pigmented eyeshadows and glitters and I wanted to share my experience! The store is called Glamour Doll Eyes. I was reading another blogger's post on them and decided to purchase a few pigments. Their prices are quite reasonable and they offer free shipping! YAY! For their full size jars that are 2 to 2.5 grams the price is $6.00, I however did not go for the full price because I wanted to test them out first. I got the sample jars which are $2.50 for 1 gram, and they also offer sample baggies for 1.25 for .5 gram, but I feel baggies are just messy. With my 6 sample jars I also got 2 free samples which was great! and some fun business cards.

Now on to the colors, very bright and shiny were my first thoughts. They seem to have a great array of colors to choose from I chose a few purples, one mute grey color a bright blue and then a shiny metallic yellow. From the top blue one going clockwise are Melancholy(Matte Cobalt Blue), Tattooed (Metallic Purple), Bruised (Purplish Grey with Red Sparkles), Stiletto (Bright Matte Fuschia), Graves in May (A Shimmery Grey/Taupe) and the one in the middle is Dollhouse (Metallic Yellow)
Okay so now on to the swatches as you can see when applied to a dry hand with no sort of primer they aren't very pigmented :(. BUT there is good news! If you use a primer or even a tiny bit of water you can achieve a dramatic eye in no time. Melancholy(Cobalt Blue) and Stiletto (Bright Fuschia) being the Mattes in the group were a bit harder to apply evenly. The rest did excellent and showed great results. I though Tattoo (bottom in the pic< was a bright metallic purple but when applied wet it almost looks blue, and has some red shimmer in it kinda reminds me of a blue ball point pen. WEIRD) Anyways all in all GREAT pigments. I would suggest getting the sample jars first they're $2.50 compared to $6.00 and you get to try them out, and if you do like them and want to buy full size the store will take the price you paid for the samples and deduct it from the full size jars.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Trend Alert: Sequined Headbands!

I have been recently obsessing over sequined hair accessories I think they make an outfit really pop, like if you were to wear a boring grey top you could add one of these and instantly be transformed, I think this is a trend that will stay around for awhile. My fav stores to buy these gems are: JovanJane, Academy J, Sunshine and Carousels, and Jills Boutique. I have some reviews on these stores coming up so stay tuned!                                

Katy Perry O.P.I "Last Friday Night"

I have been LOVING this nail polish, I recently bought it off Amazon and it has an amazing sparkle. I love to pair it with a lavender bottom coat. Very girly and perfect for spring. I had to apply about 3 coats to get a good sparkle but it dries fast so it doesn't take up too much time. Amazon has it on sale right now for $3.75!


Hi! This is my first blog post! I just wanted to fill you guys in on what I will be doing soon, I am super excited to start reviewing my favorite products and warning you guys on what to stay away from. So stay tuned!